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Friendly Discussion Guidelines - Read before posting
« on: March 09, 2009, 11:49:15 AM »
Welcome to the Friendly Discussion Board. Here you are invited to discuss a wide array of topics, enlighten others or become enlightened yourself. But if your viewpoints are so hardened that you cannot tolerate those who disagree with you, this may not be the place for you.

In this forum opposing viewpoints are welcome. After all, life would be boring if everyone felt the same way. But please keep it respectful. The object is to disagree without being disagreeable. Friends can have a healthy debate about the issues of the day and still be friends. Advocating strongly for your position is encouraged but name calling and hate filled posts are not. Posts that violate the spirit of these boards and this guideline will be removed and members who continually violate this guideline will be banned.

What is permitted - Expressing your opinion, expressing your strong opinion, backing your opinion up with facts or excerpts from articles, holding your ground, giving ground.

What is not permitted - name calling, threats, spreading fear and hate, extreme exaggerations, posting entire articles without adding your own comment, spam (consecutive posts by the same person), re-posting your identical comments in multiple threads.

Not required but helpful - give thoughtful consideration to opposing views before responding. See if there is at least part of what the other person is saying that you agree with. If you agree with none of what they are saying, consider why they may think that way. If you disagree on the facts, research the facts before arriving at a conclusion. When researching facts, steer clear of biased web sites and look for impartial sources. Debate the issue, not the person. Consider the areas you may have in common with the person you are disagreeing with. Keep in mind that even the best of friends will not agree on everything and may indeed disagree on many things.

Finally, a few technical points - unless the topic really warrants it, the use of smileys, differing colors, fonts, and font sizes, marquees and other text effects, should be kept to a minimum. Their value as a way of highlighting text is diminished if they are overused and in serious topics they should almost never appear. And, before posting a new topic, please check to see if the topic you wish to discuss already exists.

Have fun!