Author Topic: Barack Obama, I want a divorce  (Read 1456 times)


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Barack Obama, I want a divorce
« on: March 13, 2010, 12:19:23 PM »
Barack Obama, I want a divorce

How many of you are feeling like the guy who wrote this?  Has he got it right?

How long before you get a new split party coming out of the 'sold out' let down, and will it have any standing... over here many attempts have been made to reinvent ideals - but the same two big parties always keep the seats.

Interesting how he relates it to a relationship break up - good way to portray loyalty.

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Re: Barack Obama, I want a divorce
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2010, 10:43:25 PM »
Janet- Came by to check on the forum, first time in several months, and found this gem posted by you...

I shall have to read the author's essay, but the title itself well expresses my feelings these days about Obama and the Dems in congress over here. I might also point interested readers in checking out a similar essay about the same offending parties-Obama and the congressional Dems- by an American called John Cory titled "I Am Angry" which blasts the whole "bipartisan" bullshit that Obama has been worshiping uselessly (or cynically, depending on how you look at it) for his whole first year in office.

I'm so fed up with the lot of them that I'm resolved to vote only for a third-party or indep. candidate next time for president and also only support Dems for congress from my state if they have a proven track record of supporting single-payer health care insurance.

Edited to add:

Yup, I know exactly how that guy feels. It's a lot like the essay by John Cory that I referenced. The sad thing is Janet that in the US third parties or independent candidates have little chance to win presidential elections for a few reasons. One, the cost of the necessary TV ads makes it impossible unless the candidate is a billionaire, like Ross Perot was, or close to it. That's because individuals are limited in how much they can give and there's no way a candidate that would make real change could get the kind of corporate money that the two major parties always raise. Secondly, the two major parties have hijacked the presidential debate system so no other candidates can get into a TV debate against the two major party candidates. Ralph Nader's been trying for decades to break into the debates with no luck.
Thirdly, the ballot access laws in the US make it very difficult for candidates from outside the two major parties to get on the ballot with the various rules for collecting signatures to do so and thus most non-major party candidates end up spending so much time, money, and volunteer resources on getting ballot access that they have little of those resources left over to actually run much of a campaign for the election.

As a final note, I got a call earlier today from some fundraising operation for the national Democratic Party asking for money to fund their congressional candidates this coming election campaign. I listened in awe for a minute to the guy's spiel and then lit into him with my disgust at Obama and the Dems along with my reasons why, mainly the health care trainwreck. He actually listened and then tried to talk me out of blaming Obama and the Dems so I told him I wish them luck-not- as there's many like me who've given up on Obama and the party so they may as well prepare for the ass-whooping that many of them deserve  later this year after screwing so many of us on health care reform and killing any hope we still had for Obama after he came in and appointed so many corporate cheerleaders, like Rahm Emanuel, to his cabinet. I then hung up on him!

In the UK, I think, you would call them Obama's ministers in his cabinet. Anyway, I and all the other disgruntled, disillusioned liberals/progressives, are exactly the folks Rahm Emanuel, Obama's Chief Of Staff in his administration, called "f-ing retards" (in a recent scandal where someone leaked news that he made the remark in a private meeting with Democratic members of the congress) because we are furious over how Obama and the congressional Democrats sold us out (as well as the uninsured) by never considering single-payer healthcare in the reform or even a weaker substitute called the public option that would provide a public-funded plan for Americans to choose instead of buying insurance from a for-profit insurance company.

Emanuel calls us retards because we're considered too naive to know that we only deserve, instead, some minor reform of health insurance here, not reform of the system, and that it must come at the price of having to buy mandated coverage from a private, for-profit insurance company, without any price controls or any regulations to control how much this adds to the total costs to the health care system of the US. So the whole "reform" bill is a big gift to the health insurance companies (a parasitic industry of unneccessary middlemen) as well as to the drug companies and the hospital industry, both of whom Obama bought off with secret backroom deals in exchange for not supporting single-payer or a public option. The deals were that these industries would voluntarily hold down their future price increases in exchange for publicly supporting Obama and the Dem's reform proposal. Obama made the deals before the health care reform debate even began in Congress and before he even got into office.

Sound a bit like the Downing Street memo, Janet?
(Something most Americans have no clue of...)
Understand why I don't care if he only gets one term?
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Re: Barack Obama, I want a divorce
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2010, 10:15:11 PM »
I would love to see an Independent get elected as well.  Both parties have ticked me off.  For different reasons than Tom's, but my feelings are the same. 
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