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Re: Old Songs and Singers
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To All My "Former" Facebook Friends

Janet, you might want to post this in the EAW on FB group for those who may no longer be subscribed to this thread.

Due to the peculiarities of Facebook, I am no longer able to access my personal FB account.  It has to do with how Facebook and Google recognize email addresses.

Now, the only account I'm able to access is the new FB account I set up for my Parlor Songs Academy.  But, for some reason, a "business" or organizational account cannot do some of the things that are possible in a personal account.  I cannot search for people or other FB pages.  There is no Search box.

I cannot send PMs, even to people who have Liked the page.  All I can do is RESPOND to those who send a message to that account. 

The new page is:

If you've liked my songs and music in the past, or if you just want to be able to communicate with me on FB, I hope you'll go there and Like that page.