Author Topic: The Children of Sandy Hook Elementary  (Read 1266 times)


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The Children of Sandy Hook Elementary
« on: December 19, 2012, 05:16:00 PM »

The Faces of An Angel
  As I think of the lost souls and of the precious Angels that perished on that dark and dreadful morning on 12.14.12. My eyes swell and I am silent. A sadness overtakes me for the families that were left behind to suffer and endure such a tragedy. I, too, mourn them. I mourn them not because of the thought of "What if that would have been one of my children". But I 'mourn them' solely because I am human with compassion. Empathically, I feel the pain like a sponge that has absorbed an enormous amount of liquid. Tears shed for the innocents of small children. And the Adults that died that day.
Surely, I feel the sadness for ALL that have been affected. But it's the portraits of small faces looking back at me. And although I have never met them...does not change how I am feeling. Just pause for a moment and take a look on how "precious" they all are. As I look at each-and-every-one-of-them, I can sense their individual personalities in a single picture from "shyness" to "character" and all of the good things that children bring. These children didn't live to see Golden years - or - any of the Joy's that life and the world had to offer them. The thought of Christmas presents unwrapped. One child wanted to be an Artist when she grew up. And I bet she would have too!
They say, "Not all is evil." Yes, this I know. But the very last thing that these small faces saw was the face of a disturbed individual. I could only imagine the terror and fear. I can only hope that their departure was a "quick" departure from an earth that, at times, I feel totally disgusted with. Yes. I deeply feel the sorrow for ALL of the victims that perished. But I am devastated of the thought of beautiful little Angels of the tender ages of Six and Seven that wont get to experience life as we have.
I leave you with a bright and colorful picture of a sky full of multicolored balloons. Just imagine a silhouette of lace, imprinted with the initials of each child and "attached" to each balloon that represents them. "Picture Perfect" as of the beautiful faces - GONE TOO SOON.
My Heart is Broken.
Daniela4Luv (Dani)
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