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Photoshop Help
« on: March 05, 2009, 09:49:49 PM »
In this thread you can discuss tips on how to best use Photoshop.


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Re: Photoshop Help
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If I ever get Photoshop I'll be popping by.
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Re: Photoshop Help
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2009, 12:27:47 PM »
Hello!  I have to tell you I am probably the world's worse person to give you advice here as I'm running Photoshop 5.5.  And when I become rich and famous I'll upgrade to er, er, ... nevermind.

There are some basic things for my Photoshop challenge that will get you started and you probably already know.

So let's try a few easy steps.  You might be able to do this in other software packages but I don't have any around at the moment... I'll try and find us something we can all use soon.

First I chose my unsuspecting img... Hmm, my cruise around Dalgety Bay heh...,

Oooo that's a bit big so first I'll do some cropping.  With the selector tool I am going to make a slightly smaller copy taking out the front bit.

and my new image looks like this:

I have actually just saved this for web and changed the properties of the image size to 400 and it automatically resizes it for me when I apply.  I am actually working on the lager original but this is what I want my end size to be.

Right, so I want to add things in.  Let's find a boat!  I often hunt around google images but you need to be careful of copyrighted stuff.  So a good place to try is  set yourself up a free account there.  They provide images which you can get free and others which you need to pay for.

Ooo I quite like this but it might be a difficult one to edit - let's see: 

Right, what I want to do with this I want to open it first in Photoshop and then create a new file,


Note it makes a copy of the size of the original and that I have transparency clicked.  I now copy and paste my new image on the empty file... now I can try and edit the background.  Go along your toolbar at the top of photoshop and go to Image, and on the pull-down menu, Extract.


Basically what you do here is get the green marker pen and go round your image - as it's a bit of a fiddly one don't go to close ... then use the bucket tool to fill and then say okay!

Now I can save this and start working on cleaning up the image - I think we need to zoom in... So, go along the top menu to View, and Zoom in.  I then cleaned it up as much as I could with the eraser tool, and then went to Layer>Options and took the opacity down to 70... The wee man looks a little watery now so I'll go back to my original copy and get a copy of him and paste over top.

So now we have: 

I don't know that fella - let's try this:  I found someone to play with so I did the same procedure as earlier then I had to flip him as he was facing the wrong way - Edit>transform>flip horizontally... then I used the scale tool under Edit>transform...  and then used paintbrush  and the eyedropper to add to hands and legs.

My end result is this: 

Don't ask me why he's wearing black footless leggings!  He wouldn't tell me!

The image I give you here is both bigger and higher in memory usage for the agreed 400px and 36k... the trouble is, if I make it smaller you will not see the detail.  So best bet here is to go to somewhere like Imageshack who allow you to make thumbnails to add to bulletin boards and websites - that will take the image right down ...

Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting

If you then put your mouse on the thumbnail it will take you to the larger view of the image hosted on imageshack. 

Well, like I said I am very amateur but I love messing around so although loads more could have been done to give it a smoother finish... I hope this little bit helps and gets you on the road to at least playing.  I would think a lot of software packages have similar instructions and tools you can look out for.

EDIT:  I wonder if anyone will notice? - I blame it on him again, ^^^ he said Mmmm "....." so I typed it!
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