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What's Up!(What's Wrong With My Song!)

If You Could See Me Now:
If You Could See Me Now

One Last Breath:
One Last Breath

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You With Me

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A Little Bit About Mike...

From - Little Rock, Ar.
Lives - Greenville, Tx.
Height - 6'0"
Occupation - Truck Driver
Hobbies - Bass Fishing, Internet Flirt, Girl Watching
Favorite Foods - Chili, mexican, meat and taters
Starsign - LEO
Favorite Movies - Eddie and the Crusiers, Musicals
Favorite TV Shows - Matlock and most sporting shows
Favourite Books - Audio Books
Favourite Bands/Artists - Barbra Streisand
My Webspaces -

More About Mike...
by Sandy (Sandysongbird)

My friend Mike is SAWEEEEEET! I know that's his way of saying the word, but it's the only way I can think of to accurately describe him! I think he has a wonderful way of making others feel special and important, and I hope he knows how special and important he is to our group. He posesses the most gorgeous, deep, teddy bear bass voice, which I could listen to forever... {sigh}, and thankfully he shares the beauty of his voice with the rest of us. I guess it's probably pretty obvious how much I love to sing with him...yes I do...and I, for one, just love him! I know I should say loads more...maybe someday I'll find the words.

Love ya Mike!

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