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Major Tom (Coming Home):
Major Tom (Coming Home)

Beautiful Girls:
Beautiful Girls

Santa Baby:
Santa Baby

One of Us:
One Of Us

Teardrops On My Guitar (Acoustic Version):
Teardrops On My Guitar (Acoustic Version)


WravensWing & Wraven:
A Little Fall of Rain

WravensWing & SongmanToo:
Light My Candle

WravensWing & annegirl1981:

WravensWing & wonkim00:
Never Ending Story

WravensWing & SongmanToo:
My Immortal

A Little Bit About Rachel...

From - Born in Spokane, WA, but I've lived in 6 different states
Lives - Port Charlotte, FL
Height - 5'10"
Occupation - Insurance, but soon to be a Mommy!! :)
Hobbies - Singing, Cooking, Decorating
Favorite Foods - Italian, Mexican, Thai
Starsign - Gemini
Favorite Movies - Too many to list!! Animated Disney, LOTR, Star Wars, most musicals
Favorite TV Shows - Again, too many to list... AI, Heroes, The OC, Friends, Grey's Anatomy
Favourite Books - I don't read as much as I should. :(
Favourite Bands/Artists - 80s!!!
My Webspaces - www.myspace.com/wravenswing

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