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The Killing Of Georgie:
The Killing Of Georgie

I Love You:
I Love You

Hey You:
Hey You


Sympathy for Gilligan's Island:
Sympathy for Gilligan's Island


With Eliza:
Don't Give Up

With Shandakr (Shanda):

With Little_Wing (Lee):
Tokyo Drift

With Singingprincess1560 (Gabrielle) - (From Buffy) :
I'll Never Tell

With Cathy:
Super Heroes

A Little Bit About Mark...

From - Iowa City, Iowa
Lives - Tampa Florida
Height - 6'
Occupation - Carpenter
Hobbies - I used to be quite the outdoorsy type, fishing, golf 'n stuff. but now that I have this computer and this internet thingy I'm pretty much addicted to singsnap.
Favorite Foods - Cheeseburger
Starsign - ;-)
Favorite Movies - The Professional (Leon), The Princess Bride, The Age of Innocence, The Color of Money
Favorite TV Shows - 2-1/2 men, all of the Star Treks, As time Goes By (BBC) , Red Dwarf (BBC) Reruns of Buffy
Favourite Books - Anything sci-fi/fantasy, The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, The Gap series by Stephen R. Donaldson. Starship Troopers (The book, not that crappy, sh***y abomination of a movie.)
Favourite Bands/Artists - Dylan, Sinatra, Eva Cassiday, both Elvises, Kitaro, Everything Blues, from Shannon Curfmann and Johnny Lang to the Kings, B.B., Albert, Freddie, to name a few, Temple of the Dog, 3 Doors Down, Alejandro Escovedo , The Flaming Lips, Nina Simone , William Elliot Whitmore, Allison Krauss, Eve 6, Harvey Danger, Nat King Cole, Caitlin Cary, Squeeze, Robert Earl Keen, Jimmy Buffett of course, And Patrice Pike
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