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Autumn Leaves (2009):
Autumn Leaves (2009)

Bonnie Portmore (2008):
Bonnie Portmore (2008)

To Bless The Space Between Us (2008):
To Bless The Space Between Us (2008)

Sunglasses At Night (2008):
Sunglasses At Night

Tobacco Road (2007):
Tobacco Road


With KiaG (2009):
The Drugs Don't Work

With Wa11ace (2008):
Texas Flood

With Ragandbone (2007):
Where The Streets Have No Name

With Angelina (2008):

With Me, Myself & I (2008):
Teach Your Children

A Little Bit About Deb...

From - my mother's womb
Lives - in my own reality
Height - depends on whether I am standing or sitting
Occupation - living
Hobbies - whatever I feel like doing at the time
Favorite Foods - whatever I am in the mood for
Starsign - Taurus
Favorite Movies - don't go out to movies much
Favorite TV Shows - Midsommer Murders. Otherwise, hardly watch TV at all since Snap
Favourite Books - fantasy and mystery novels
Favourite Bands/Artists - too many to mention except James Taylor because he is da bomb
My Webspaces - Deb's Youtube

More About Deb...
by Ange

Some of Deb’s gifts are obvious here. Go to any of her songs and you’ll find a warm, true voice that always blows me away and is often accompanied by her own magic flute and some wild video effects. Her manic energy when she performs just grows right out of her love for the music and her uninhibited willingness to share that with you. You’ve just gotta smile. And I do:)

She’s got other artistic talents like drawing, making beautiful walking sticks, and taking excellent photos. (And she may be a closet nerd. She likes electronics!)

So my take is that all this innate good stuff (except the nerdy part) is intensified by her immersion in nature and her ability to really see and respond to what’s around her. She’s got a sensitive heart but a sharp eye and mind. And a freaking good sense of humor, too. What you see is what you get.

Don’t get her started on the art of solitude. She may be the only person I know who revels so in time alone. Drives me crazy sometimes. But she brings out of that experience a warmth and encouragement that she freely bestows on her lucky friends. You can blame some of my singing experiments on Deb’s encouragement. Love ya, darlin’!

Your lucky friend,

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