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God Give Me Strength:
God Give Me Strength

All You Get from Love Is a Love Song:
All You Get from Love Is a Love Song

Don't Cry Out Loud:
Don't Cry Out Loud

Don't Sleep in the Subway:
Don't Sleep in the Subway

Don't Say You Don't Remember:
Don't Say You Don't Remember







A Little Bit About Tracy...

From - Shelbyville, KY
Lives - Louisville, KY (I’ve never strayed very far, sadly)
Height - 5’8”
Occupation - TV Promotions Coordinator/Radio Air Talent/Voiceover Professional
Hobbies - SingSnap(!), movies, music
Favorite Foods - pretty much anything. I like to eat. My cholesterol’s good though
Favorite Movies - Young Frankenstein, Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Grace of My Heart, Coen Bros. movies
Favorite TV Shows - The Office, 24, 30 Rock, Weeds
Favourite Bands/Artists - too many to mention
My Webspaces -

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