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Linda Ronstadt:
Ooh Baby


Fleetwood Mac:
Sentimental Lady

Eva Cassidy:
Ain't No Sunshine

Diamonds and Rust:
Diamonds and Rust







A Little Bit About Marigot...

From - originally, Pittsburgh, PA, then moved to Dallas, Philadelphia, Long Island, Philadelphia, Long Island, Northern VA , Sydney AU, Northern VA. Considering moving to West Virginia. I guess I like to move!
Lives - presently in Northern VA
Height - 5’7”
Occupation - freelance interior design
Hobbies - singing, swimming, traveling, gardening, CAD for architectural design
Favorite Foods - Greek food, especially Greek salad, German and Mexican foods
Starsign - Gemini
Favorite Movies - The Girl in the Café, The Sixth Sense, The Sound of Music
Favorite TV Shows - The Office, The Sopranos and Six Feet Under (rip), 24
Favourite Books - A Wrinkle in Time, The Giving Tree, To Kill a Mockingbird, anything Maeve Binchy, Leon Uris, and John Grisham
Favourite Bands/Artists - Celtic Woman, Steely Dan, The Doors, Evanescense, … (I have very eclectic taste)
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More About Marigot...
by Layla

My sister, Marigot, is the party responsible for introducing me to SingSnap. Even though we are several hours apart in distance, we stay connected in many ways...phone, email, and now singing together (my erstwhile 'duet' partner).

Marigot is all curls, curves, and is quick to the chase in conceiving cunning quips--she has coined phrases only those of us on SingSnap can truly understand--"Recordus Interruptus" and "One-take Blunder Wonders" come to mind...

When I was younger she could 'make' me do anything, and still can today to a point (only two things in this world, Marigot you can't make me do *grin). Sigh...I'm so easily led...*laugh

As an older sibling she helped to form my musical tastes (thank you!) and even today we find we may record the same song on any given day. In recent years she has 'rescued' me in many ways and truly understands my 'cranial flatulence.'

Perhaps my favorite thing about Marigot is her sense of humour--at any given time, no matter how far apart we are (or even flying over the Atlantic Ocean)...she can make me laugh with tears streaming down my face. No one else finds us particularly funny (*smile) but we enjoy us.

Love Layla

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