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The Moody Blues:
The Story In Your Eyes

Crispen St. Peters:
The Pied Piper

Van Morrison:
Crazy Love

Howard Keel:
Send In The Clowns

Shirley Jones:
Til There Was You


With Mike Prather:
Wonderful World

With Chuck:
Wonderful World

With Mike (Fofun):
In My Room

With FolkSinger (Dan):
Motherless Child

With Tommy (Tommyrageous):
Everyday People

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More About Layla...
by Marigot

As I am Laylaís older sister, Iím probably biased towards her. On the other hand, I know her faults better than anyone else. Letís just say her good points vastly outnumber the negative.

Layla is charming, sweet, intelligent, discerning, and a tad bit shy about posting her picture here. She is NOT a nun Ė LOL; (a joke we thought would be hilarious, but fell flat here). Layla is far from a nun, at least in the ways for which nuns are notorious. She is also sweet tempered, and always has been. Layla is the middle child in a large family, and compensated for that by listening to her own drummer. She has this unique ability to make me laugh Ė the gasping for air, tears in eyes, kind of laughing that can cause certain sorts of accidents (use your imagination). And she prompts that by just being Layla. Needless to say, I love her dearly, despite the fact that she sings rings around me.

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