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Teardrops will kiss the morning dew:
Teardrops will kiss the morning dew

Breathe (2 AM):
Breathe (2 AM)

Probably wouldn't be this way:
Probably wouldn't be this way

My Back Pages:
My Back Pages



With MilesofBorg:
The First Time... ever I saw your face

Open Duet:
Bring Me To Life

With Frankjazzsinger:
Alright, Ok, You Win

With Rerun:
Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)

With My Nephew WillCollDurrwachter:
Bring Me To Life (Duet Version)

A Little Bit About JJBattle8...

From - Originally California (Orange County, Born and Bred)
Lives - Jupiter, Fl.
Height - 5'7"
Occupation - Owner Genesis Memorial Glass, Inc.
Hobbies - Guitar, Painting, Floral Design, and SINGING
Favorite Foods - Mexican...Real Mexican...not TexMex...sorry
Starsign - Libra
Favorite Movies - Spiderwick Chronicles~ My nephew wrote the books
Favorite TV Shows - Big Brother... Greys... Dancing with the stars
Favourite Books - Anya Setton....the Green Darkness
Favourite Bands/Artists - Crosby Stills Nash and Young, The Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow, Wynonna, Rondstat, Eagles
My Webspaces - memorialsnglass myspace joannebattle Facebook

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