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Elton John:
Sorry Seems To Be The Saddest Word

Lenny Welch:
Since I Fell For You

I'm Not In Love

Etta James:
At Last

Barry White:
Can't Get Enough


With Darkhorse:
The Beat Goes On

With Grover:
How Do We Keep The Music Playing

With Michael S:
Sharing The Night

With Manfredman:
You Are Everything

With Roger:
Like We Never Had A Broken Heart

A Little Bit About Daniela...

From - Jackson Heights - Queens, New York
Lives - Jersey Village - Houston, Texas
Height - 5'3"
Occupation - Sales
Hobbies - Singing, Writing, Gourmet Cooking, Astrology - and anything else that gets my attention.
Favorite Foods - Sushi, Chinese Food, New York Pizza! Seafood. And, I love anything chocolate!
Starsign - Aries/Chinese Dragon
Favorite Movies - The Wedding Singer, Serendipity -just any novel-based on romance films.
Favorite TV Shows - Old reruns & sitcoms. I definitely love Everybody Loves Raymond!
Favourite Books - I love any Danielle Steele romance novels & Astrology books.
Favourite Bands/Artists - Of course I love Mariah Carey!
My Webspaces - - My Birthday! - Youtube

More About Daniela...
by CerebralJam (Janet)

Dani has always been a good friend to me, and to all who know her - she is loyal and giving of her time.

Dani has hosted our Thursday Night chats from the beginning of our existence and also supported most of our other evenings, and she holds a mean list, heh!... Mo, is her um, rather spoilt pup who lives in our chat room and is our mascot... She also has hosted some very beautiful and fun challenges...

She is romantic, passionate and a bundle of enigmatic fun.

I have often admired her talent for making everyone's birthday feel ultra special, for she not only sings songs which are carefully picked, she decorates the page with things that are special to that person, and then takes the care and time to gather all friends together to celebrate - for to Dani, nothing is too much trouble and parties are always exciting.

Dani has the most beautiful voice that weaves carefully around her notes and her passion shows when she sings, we sometimes have to coax her to sing to us LIVE and she will often hide behind a 'brb', 'phone', 'afk', :D - but when she trusts us enough, she opens up and lets us enjoy her beauty - and my, can she reach those high notes :D. I'm really happy to get to know Dani over the years I have been a part of our group...

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