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Lynyard Skynard:
What's Your Name

Feels So Right

Don Henley:
All She Wants To Do Is Dance

Buffalo Springfield:
For What It's Worth

Creedence Clearwater Revival:
Suzie Q


With Deb (Walkingstick) - Creedence Clearwater Revival:
Born On The Bayou





A Little Bit About Rick...

From - Detroit Michigan
Lives - Waterford Michigan
Height - 6 feet
Occupation - Landscaping Co. owner of 30 years
Hobbies - Golf, Riding (Travel) boating and the water (being outside) singing, People !
Favorite Foods - lol um Captain Crunch?
Favorite Movies - Cool Hand Luke , One flew over the coo coo's nest , too many to list
Favourite Books - The Catcher in the Rye , Jonathan Livingston Seagul, The Illustrated Man
Favourite Bands/Artists -
My Webspaces -

More About Rick...
by Jubi

The first time I met him in a chat room, I knew I wanted to be his friend. Little did I know he would be one with me in views, heart, and ideals. He is one of the most awesome guys I have ever had the honor of knowing. Not to mention, he has the cutest little laugh and a voice that soothes my soul. Thanks for being there for me my friend

hugggs...Jubi :)

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