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June Tabor - written by Peter Bond (Collaboration) - Duckscli and rhopen (new friends) from youtube:
The Irish Girl

Dolores Keane:
Never Be The Sun

Barbra Streisand:
The Way He Makes Me Feel

Barbra Streisand:
Kiss Me In The Rain

Nina Simone:
Wild Is The Wind


With Bruce:

With Bruce:
Simple Man

with Bruce, Kjell and Frank:
Falling Slowly - from the Film (Once)

With The Whisperers - ALLY, Mike (Fofun) and Linda (Cali-jeep):
Sentimental Journey

With Eliza (RagandBone):
Till Kingdom Come

A Little Bit About Janet...

From - Hampshire, England
Lives - in Dunfermline, Scotland
Height - 5'1 and 3/4"
Occupation - Self Employed/Business Owner, Virtual PA
Hobbies - Singing, Webdesign/Research, Art Galleries, Cinema and Reading
Favorite Foods - Chocolate
Starsign - Scorpio
Favorite Movies - Amélie, Bad Education, The Man Who Wasn't There,
(anything Coen Brothers) Molière, The Hours, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Favorite TV Shows - Have I Got News For You, Whose Line Is It Anyway, The Office, Jools Holland Later, Six Feet Under
Favourite Books - Yes Man - Danny Wallace, Angela's Ashes - Frank McCourt, Paddy Clarke Ha, Ha, Ha - Roddy Doyle
Favourite Bands/Artists - Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan, Eels, Jayhawks, Joanna Newsom, Neil Young, CSNY, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison... too many!
My Webspaces - youtube last.fm

More About Janet...
by Bruce

She was once shy but I ruined her.

Now she stalks me. But she can be scared off with pictures of clowns or the song "Candy Man."

Incredibly talented, Janet makes every song sound better and she can make your song sound better too by adding some of her impeccable harmonies. She's the harmony queen of Singsnap.

Janet was instrumental in getting the Everyone's A Winner Challenge off the ground and she's one of the driving forces behind its continued success. She can often be found holding court in the EAW chat room.

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