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Paul Simon:

Tony Bennett:
I Wanna Be Around

Jack Johnson:
Good People

Dinah Washington:
What A Difference A Day Makes

The Diamonds:
Little Darlin'


With Deb - Blues Brothers:
Gimme Some Lovin'

Steely Dan with Marigot who rescued it:
Rikki Don't Lose That Number

With Paul57_3_1 My 1st one - Elvis:
Don't Be Cruel



A Little Bit About Angelina...

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More About Angelina...
by Marigot

Angelina is a new friend to me; I got to know her here. People may think that you canít make ďrealĒ friends on something as nebulous as the internet, but we know differently, donít we? What immediately struck me and drew me to getting to know her initially was her wit! Her sense of humor is very much like mine, but Iím really not great in the quips and one-liners; Ange is a master! From the very first, she had me lol-ing, which, as we all know, is good for the soul. Soon we began a series of correspondences, in the form of PMís, and really opened up to each other. I found her to be a funny (canít stress that enough!), smart, sincere, and kind hearted person. I could go on with the adjectives, but you get the picture. Iíve never met Ange in person (although we did mess around in chat once - with cameras on - trying to get the lay of the land), but if I ever get out to her part of the world, the first thing Iíd do is try to hook up with her over a cup of coffee or better yet, a LI Iced Tea. And I think sheíd feel the same way.

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